Keeping Up with Funeral Industry Trends

If you are running or are thinking of starting up a funeral program business, one thing to keep in mind is making sure you are keeping up with current industry trends. For instance, funeral or memorial bookmarks are now an acceptable alternative to a funeral program for those who either don’t want a large production for a funeral or for those who are on a really strict budget.

Memorial bookmarks can simply be designed from downloadable bookmark templates and created and printed from the comforts of one’s own home. As a business owner, you want to stress to your clients the importance of designing such keepsakes. It is not only a healing thing to do, but it also lets the family have more control of the service and how their loved one is presented.

The funeral program business is a growing industry, and the way to stay on top is to keep up with everything going on around you.


Misconceptions About Working From Home

 If you work from home selling funeral program templates or other services, you may already be aware of idealized impressions others have about this type of employment. You may have had some of the same misunderstandings when you began too!
  • It isn’t a real job: Just because you don’t get dressed up and go into an office doesn’t mean you don’t have a real job. You are providing a client or clients with a service in which you are getting paid. It is a true job.
  •  You can work whenever you want: While in essence this may be true, overall, you will have to set hours so your clients know when you are available.
  • You can only earn pocket change: As with any job, you get out of it only what you put into it. Same is true when you work from home. The more hours and clients you can get, the more money you will make.
  • Anyone can do it: This depends on the type of at-home business you are pursuing. However, not everyone has the patience or focus work at home when there are so many distractions around you such as family, television, house chores, etc.
Nonetheless, working from home can be beneficial as well as rewarding. If you really want to make a go of it, don’t let these common misconceptions hold you back!

Growing Your Funeral Program Business

If you’ve taken the leap and decided to start your own funeral program business, here are a few ways to cultivate its progress.

First, form alliances with others in your field. This does not necessarily mean the competition, but local funeral homes, vendors who sell memorial gifts and products and online companies that offer bereavement services. Work together and help promote each other’s products.

Next, offer a few incentives such BOGO(Buy one-Get One Free), mid-week discounts and clearance sales. Who doesn’t love getting a good deal? These can spread quickly through “word-of-mouth” on social media sites!

Finally, remember that your business will not blossom overnight. It takes much hard work, patience, and perseverance to get a small business going, especially in today’s economy. If you really want it to work, then keep on trying! Find out more about how can help you start your funeral program business


Looking for a business to start — Make Funeral Programs

With the ever-changing economy still forcing individuals out of their full-time jobs, many are turning to home-based businesses for income. One growing business venture is designing and selling funeral programs and memorial keepsakes. Because the need for funerals, memorials or Celebration of Life ceremonies is always there, brochures or booklets documenting these services are in equal demand. Upfront costs are low and you can get started almost immediately.

About Funeral Programs
In the past, funeral programs were created by funeral home directors or other third party professional designers.  Now, styles are changing, and more and more people want modern and creative funeral printing and memorial products to distribute at their services.  Funeral programs or booklets are brochures distributed at ceremonies honoring loved ones who died. The programs contain detailed biographical data about the deceased person, as well as information about interment or burial. Nowadays, it is customary to include a photograph of the deceased person on the cover. For many, funeral programs are cherished keepsakes, traditionally placed in scrapbooks or passed on to future generations.

How to Run a Funeral Program Business
Before you decide to start funeral program business, you need to understand what it all involves. First of all, you have to be passionate for running a home-based business.  You should have decent computer skills, although you do not have to be an expert in design or computer technology. You can use funeral program templates to serve as design and formatting guides. The funeral program template has everything you need, including professionally designed graphics, sample information and a tested layout.

Funeral program templates are the foundation of your business.  You can cut hours of time off of your production time by using these inexpensive guides.  Templates also help you quickly offer a wide variety of designs and layouts without having to create them from scratch.  Their are many template providers, including Elegant Memorials. Elegant Memorials website sells professionally designed funeral program templates for$19.99 each. These are templates you can download to jump-start your business. Elegant Memorials also offers funeral program packages with various designs and layouts at much lower prices, which will reduce your upfront costs. After purchasing the template, download it to your computer and you are ready to go!

Equipment Check
A good working computer, color printer, Internet, word processing software and a few purchased templates is needed to get your business off the ground. For PC and Macs, Microsoft Word is commonly used, although Apple iWorks’ Pages also provides an easy user interface for Mac users. Some of these are available as free trials or at discounted prices. OpenOffice is another program that will work great, and is free to download for both PCs and Macs.

When choosing a printer, while price and functionality are important, the type and size of the printer cartridges is vital too. If you plant to print programs from your home computer, you want to make sure replacement cartridges don’t eat up all your profits. However, you can always look into having a copy or office store take care of your printing needs.

Get Ready to Hang the Open Sign
As with any new company, you need to commit to learning about and growing your business. Marketing yourself in person and online is important as you will need to let others know you are “open” for business. The Internet is a great place to start researching information about how to start and run a company such as a funeral program business. Good luck!


Welcome to Funeral Program Business

Hello, and welcome to our blog. This blog is dedicated to helping you start and grow a funeral or memorial program and keepsake business.  Creating funeral and memorial programs can be a great full or part time business.  You don’t have to be a graphics expert, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money do get started.  All you need is a computer, some word processing or graphics software, some templates and a printer to get started.  This blog will feature information about starting a business, marketing and graphics tips to help you get started making extra money in this very lucrative field…so stay tuned!


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